Sunday, 12 June 2011

Introduction to me and the blog


I'm a Information and Communication Engineering student at the Engineering Collage in Aarhus. I'm currently doing exams on my 4th semester so right now its all about getting ready for that. In two weeks time I have summer holiday and I want to use the time to learn how to make apps for Android devices and in the meantime make a blog about it :)

The blog will be containing the information I gather that is necessary for making an Android app.
As I have never done any programming in Java I will probably also talk about that to.

I will finish of with the obvious link to the Android homepage 

Until I have time again have a good time :)


  1. Android is an excellent mobile platform, however, I'm not too keen on development being done in Java. As a C++ programmer, I prefer unmanaged environments, but still, good luck with that! There is a lot of money to be made in the world of Android Apps!

  2. i wanna learn how to make Android apps.

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  4. Nice! I'm studying Computing Science and we can't ignore Android's potential in any market. It's becoming much popular here in Brazil too.
    Waiting for what you can do in this amazing mobile OS.

  5. Androids are very expensive pieces of hardware. How'd you afford it?

  6. I've also had some interest in developing Android apps, and also have no programming experience. also no droid phone. Do you think it possible to develop a complete working android app just by testing it in the virtual environment, or is an android device a prerequisite?